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Inter- House Quiz Competition

Inter House Spelling Bee


 Gwyn House Bake Off


inter house table tennis

Inter-House badminton

 On the on Friday 12th February all 6 houses competed in a fantastic Badminton competition. Each house had some excellent talent which led to some thrilling games taking place, we even had students who had represented Bonus Pastor in the youth games (and won) taking part. It was a great afternoon enjoyed by, students, staff and even some parents.


The result were:

 1st Clitherow 52 points

2nd Campion 44 points

3rd fisher 40 points

4th Gwyn 38 points

5th More 34 points

6th Barton 30 points


Well done to all houses for a fantastic tournament with some healthy competition too.

Congratulations to Clitherow on the fantastic win. Miss Johal is very proud of you.    

 Gwyn House British Values


Inter-House Chess Competition

Gwyn House Feast Day


Gwyn Feast Day picOn Thursday 15th October 2015 the Gwyn house students in year 7,8 and 9 all celebrated the feast day of Saint Richard Gwyn. We all had a liturgy in the morning where some of the Year 8 and 9s performed a wonderful role-play of a part of Richard Gwyn’s life.

After the liturgy we all set off and had a nice journey on the bus and train to our fabulous destination of Hollywood Bowl. With this trip, we all had a chance to mingle with some of the other students in upper and lower years. This was really fun because we got the chance to get to know other people’s personalities even if we weren’t the best of friends. This day also gave us a chance to show that Gwyn House is like one big family of different shapes and sizes.

We all had a wonderful day and I think it is fair for me to say that the teachers enjoyed it as well, I can’t wait for next year to come so we can enjoy day together.

Flavia Mensah, Year 8

Inter - House KS3 Basketball

Basketball MSOn Tuesday 20th October, teams of boys from year 7 and 8 across all six houses, came together to battle it out in the first House sporting competition of the academic year.

The turn-out was excellent, with every team making numerous substitutions throughout the games in order to let everyone in their squad play. The standard was very high and lots of our KS3 boys showed real potential.  The atmosphere was competitive yet friendly and spectators enjoyed lots of nail-biting moments.

Campion and Fisher fought their way through their respective groups into the final.  The final score was 4-0 to Fisher with outstanding performances from captain Joshua Li-Guan and Shemar Stuart.


1St Fisher

2nd Campion

3rd Gwyn and More

4th Barton

5th Clitherow

We look forward to many more sporting competitions like this throughout the year!


Ms Stevenson
Head of Fisher House

Hindleap Warren


Hindleap Warren 1On the 16th October, myself and the majority of year 7 students, went on a trip to Hindleap Warren in East Sussex, for three days. Before we left we were all split into groups.  We would remain in these groups for all the activities we did over the weekend. We set out at 09:35. We travelled by coach in our houses, Clitherow, Barton, Fisher, Gywn, Moore and Campion. 1 hour and 30 minutes later we arrived.

After we were assigned to our rooms and had settled in. We all made our way to a large hall to eat our lunch. Every group had an instructor. My instructor’s name was Aaron.



The activities that we did that weekend were:

  1. Rock Climbing
  2. Archery
  3. Night Walk
  4. Forest Adventure
  5. High Ropes and Low Ropes
  6. Leap of Faith
  7. Swimming
  8. Disco
  9. Bush Craft
  10. Team Exercise

The dirtiest activity was Forest Adventure. We had to walk through a muddy wet and narrow river.

The scariest activity for some people (not me) was the Leap of Faith. We had to climb up a tall tree, in a harness, to go onto a wooden platform; all we had to do was jump and try to get hold of a pole dangling from a rope.

The two most fun activities, for me, were Bush Craft and the Disco. In Bush Craft we had to make a shelter with limited supplies, such as 1 canopy, 1 mallet, string and 4 stakes. We also had to make a fire with sticks and bark which we had to collect. We used flint and steel to set alight the sticks and bark. When the flame was roaring we had marshmallows. The marshmallows were gooey inside after we had put them over the fire for a couple of seconds.

On Sunday at midday we got onto coaches in our houses.  We all were given a packed lunch to eat on the coach.  At 13:30 we arrived back at Winlaton Site. Our parents were waiting for their lovely children to come back home.

Overall, it was a weekend packed with fun and definitely worth waiting for.

Written by Taye Williams


Inter-House Competitions:

Oware - 10th November 3:15pm

Year 7 Pantomime trip - 15th  December at 12:35pm

Chess: - 2nd Febuary  3:15pm

Spelling bee: - 17th May 3:15pm

Quiz: - 14th June 3:15pm


Inter - House Sports Fixtures 2015/16:



House Feast days:

Gwyn House - 15th October

Campion House - 25th November

More House -  4th March

Clitherow House - 22nd March

Barton House - 4th April

Fisher House - 23rd June