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Year 7 Rewards trip to the Maritime Museum

140612 Study Day2On Monday 30 year 7 pupils went to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich as a reward for working well in History lessons.  We went there to learn about Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada. It was really a fun trip and we learnt a lot. At the museum we got to see and handle actual artefacts from the Spanish Armada. Also we got to see original letters written by Elizabeth I about the number of ships the Spanish invasion force had. Overall it was a really interesting day and we had a great time.

William Booth-Farmer 7BS

Transatlantic Slavery Study Day

Owing to their hard work in class while studying the trans-Atlantic slave trade in History a group of pupils were selected to visit slavery4the National Maritime Museum to learn more about the subject. They got to handle artefacts from slave ships, plantations and some of the fantastic pieces of art which were produced in the African Kingdoms before the arrival of the Europeans.

The pupils also got to read and analyse ships’ logs and plantation documents which were hundreds of years old and use their skills as historians to understand and question these sources.

The pupils did an outstanding job as young historians and the museum staff were impressed by their maturity, curiosity and empathy when dealing with such a sensitive topic.

Handling the artefacts and reading the primary sources really brought the horror and tragedy of this dark period of history to life for us and has helped us as historians understand the importance in remembering and studying the slave trade.

Berlin Trip 2014

BerlinYear 10 history students have just returned from a brilliant trip to Berlin, the capital city of Germany.

To help with their GCSE studies on the Nazis, Year 10 students visited Sachenhausen Concentration Camp. Pupils heard some harrowing stories of what life was like there under the Nazis. 

We also visited the Reichstag Parliament building, the Holocaust memorial and the site of Hitler’s death. It wasn’t all history and pupils had a great time visiting some of the main tourist sites in Berlin. 

The hotel was great, the weather fantastic and the food bearable. Well done to Mr Smith, Ms Jenner and Ms Stock and all the students for making this a great trip.

History Work

Well done to Kennedy Osaseri, who completed an outstanding ILT for History over the Easter Break. Kennedy Osaseri

His History teacher is Mr Landels and he is in 7CH and Clitherow House.  A fantastic piece of work - House points will be distributed!