“And Now for Something Completely Different”


On Wednesday 12th November 2014 several parents, students and professionals from other schools and colleges in the area were very privileged to have the opportunity to meet and listen to Michael Barton talk about how he deals with his autism. Michael is a physics graduate and  author who believes he has found ways to use his autistic attributes to his advantage.

Many people bought the books that Michael wrote and at one stage his mother had to go home and bring even more! Michael personally signed each book and spoke to everyone afterwards.

I know everyone present left feeling uplifted and inspired by his words of wisdom.

Nigel Armitstead, an Educational Psychologist, who attended the evening said the following of Michael’s inspirational talk:

"Autism is sometimes referred to as a communication disorder, but Michael has just communicated with us in a compelling, eloquent, and gently humorous way, and I think we understand from him more about autism than we could possibly have done from listening to experts and academic luminaries, helpful and informative though such people are.  We are all different and we all have our strengths. We are surrounded by many successful and influential people who have autism. I do hope we will all aim to gain a greater understanding and acceptance of those who are different to us, particularly those with autism.  A huge thank you to everyone, particularly our students with autism, who attended this very successful evening. I really appreciate your presence.”

May Michael’s story prove to you that you too can achieve and offer something completely different and inspirational to the community you live in!


Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness month and on Wednesday, 2nd April it was World Autism Day.

It is also known as “Light it up Blue” day when all light bulbs should be replaced with blue ones and buildings across the world are lit up in blue.

You may want to look at the following clips at home with your family:

Animation Clip               5 minutes

What are you doing? A film about Autism (Film Trailer) - (Australian) 3.34 min

Autism Awareness: Understand us, don’t judge us.
(children speaking about their experiences)) 11.44 min

Autism Awareness 2014  
clips & music 3.19min

Also make sure you watch Horizon: Living with Autism -
(broadcast BBC2 Tuesday, 1st April at 9 pm) 60 minutes

Mrs Fourie
SEN Co-ordinator