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MFL Study Days

MFL Study Days

The BFI on the Southbank offer a wide range of study days for students.  Recently we were able to take a number of our Year 8 students, showing a strong interest in languages, to study days focusing on French and Spanish.  Students watched selected short films that were explored and discussed during the event. Both events were excellent; our students really enjoyed the experience.

I learned that Spanish is a really interesting subject.

Mia O’Lone

The BFI Spanish day helped me talk more confidently in my Spanish and be able to describe things a little more deeper.

Ciaran Kelly

I feel that by watching and breaking down films and videos, I am more confident and interactive. 

  William Booth-Farmer

I have learned how to describe a short story and say what the characters are like. 

    John Gaffney

I have learnt that French can help you and it is also a very well thought of subject.   

Monica Goncalves

I learnt how to confidently speak out to a public audience. 

Kennedy Osaseri


Mrs Baverstock

G&T Co-Ordinator

Taster Day, Goldsmiths University, April 2014

goldsmiths1This trip was a fantastic opportunity for fourteen of our Year 8 students to have, for some, their first visit to a university. 

Students worked in groups to find out from Student Ambassadors facts about university and university life, designing a poster and presenting their findings to each other.  It was a very good way for everyone to learn more about university courses, fees and finance, accommodation and leisure time.  There was even time for a short campus tour and a visit to halls of residence to see student accommodation.

Our students soon realised there is so much more to find out and are interested in visiting other universities.

Taster Day, Goldsmiths University, March 2014

The Ladders Workshop and Taster Day organised by Goldsmiths, University of London was a fantastic opportunity for 20 of our140328 goldsmiths 1 Year 9 students not only to find out more about Higher Education through drama focused activities, but also to consider how they see themselves progressing to achieve their goals. 

140328 goldsmiths 2The day also included a mini lecture and campus tour.

The feedback received from the Outreach Team at Goldsmiths was extremely positive; they commented that they really enjoyed having our students with them for the day. 

The students themselves commented that they had learned a lot about university courses, facilities, how courses are taught and importantly the steps required towards going to university; also that the day had showed them they need to think now about planning their future.

Mrs Baverstock
G&T Co-ordinator



University of Oxford Trip, March 2014Oxford

The University of Oxford have been establishing links with schools across London. The Queen's College is our link college and we were very fortunate to have been invited to this college for a Taster Day last week along with two other Lewisham schools.

The day gave twelve of our Year 10 students plenty to think about; “do I want to go to University?”, “which University?”, “what might I like to study?”, “what GCSE and A level grades will I need?” and “how much will it cost?” were just some of the questions that were asked.

Our students also sampled an academic taster session on international law, a tour of the city and two college tours.  Oliver Baker, who led the Taster Day, inspired our students to see that being offered a place at Oxford or another top university is achievable providing they work hard and gain excellent GCSE and A Level results.

A big thank you must go to Miss Fry for accompanying the group and driving the mini bus.

Here are some of the student's thoughts on their day:

The trip to Oxford was out of this world, full of surprises around each corner.  Oxford is sensational.  Tomasz Wojtyczko

The trip to Oxford was amazing.  It turned Oxford, the dream, into Oxford, the reality; it isn’t a university just for the posh.  It’s a university we can all get into! James Crosse

I enjoyed this trip, it was a great experience for me and I have enjoyed learning about what University life is like and how to get into Uni’s like Oxford and Cambridge and that is to work hard and be enthusiastic about everything you do in life. Omodolapo Ogunfuye

I learnt so much about the colleges which make up Oxford University and how competitive it can be to get in; but how rewarding and how much support you get once you’re in.  I enjoyed the trip because it enabled me to put my future in perspective for the first time, and showed me how working hard leaves you with nothing holding you back. Temitope Adebowale

Oxford was not at all what I expected!  This trip showed me that going to Oxford is attainable; you just have to put in the effort starting now! Seyram Kuevidjen

It inspired me to aspire to join one of the top universities in the country.  Lastly it made me realise that anything you want can be achieved if you really want it. Ndabane Makukula

I loved the trip to Oxford and I found out a lot about university life in general, not just at Oxford University.  It was also interesting to visit the places where scenes in the Harry Potter movies had been filmed.  Gabrielle Levy

I enjoyed today’s trip to Oxford University because I was introduced to an insight of what university life is like and got to learn about the different ways of learning.  I learnt that it is so important to study and today put my future in perspective. Eliane Appassamy-Brown

The trip to Oxford University was so not what I expected.  Today showed me that anyone can get into Oxford if they want it bad enough and work hard.  Overall I had an amazing day and learnt to not give up and pursue my dreams. Megan O’Lone

I went to Oxford today and it was great.  I had an amazing experience that I will never forget.  The colleges were a beautiful sight. Amshel Lynch

The trip to Oxford was extraordinarily good.  We were able to see how good the University is. Stephan Balancy

The trip to Oxford was educationally enlightening especially on the specification of what we need to get into Oxford and Cambridge. Daniel Kyeremateng