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  Mother Teresa Canonized as a Saint by Pope Francis

A Crowd of 120,000 gathered in St. Peter’s Square for proclamation.

 Pope Francis proclaimed Mother Teresa a saint on Sunday, bestowing the Catholic Church’s highest honour on one of the most widely admired public figures in recent history.

In a unifying gesture, the pope highlighted aspects of the new saint's legacy appealing to opposite sides of a fractious divide: Catholics who champion traditional moral teachings and those focused on economic justice. Pope Francis presented Mother Teresa’s opposition to abortion and her dedication to the poor as facets of a single mission.

The canonization ceremony took place under a broiling sun before a crowd of 120,000 in St. Peter’s Square, according to Vatican estimates. Behind the pope, on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica, hung a banner-size portrait of Mother Teresa, one of the late 20th century’s most recognizable faces. Born to an ethnic Albanian family in what is now Macedonia, Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 with 12 followers in Kolkata, India. The order now runs hospices, homeless shelters and other services for the destitute in 139 countries.

In his homily, Pope Francis recalled the new saint as “committed to defending life, ceaselessly proclaiming that the unborn are the weakest, the smallest, the most vulnerable.” But he also said she confronted the “powers of this world” with “their guilt for the crime of poverty they created.”

Harvest Collection

The start of the academic year brings with it our first big fundraising event – the Harvest Collection. In line with the Catholic ethos of the College, and fulfilling our Gospel obligations, at this time of year we think about those who are suffering from homelessness and the lack of food. This year we will be collecting for the SVP (The Society of St.Vincent de Paul) who will distribute our offerings the those in need.

Students can bring them in to either reception, their form tutor or to me.

Please donate generously as much as you are able.

I thank you in advance for what we hope will be a bumper harvest.

 God bless

Mrs. Bresin

Head of Spirituality

Holy Land Pilgrimage  Easter 2016 







The Bonus Pastor Pilgrimage to the Holy Land will take place during the Easter Holidays . 27 March to 4 April, 2016. Bookings have been taken and I now have brochures printed to send you.

You will need to send in your booking form with your deposit of £200 per person. It is on a first come first served basis.  What a wonderful opportunity to experience the trip of a lifetime.

Children must be accompanied by at least one parent for this trip.

It is a exceptionally spiritual experience.

Remember you can spread the payments over approximately 15 months to make it easier.

Please contact Mrs. Bresin for more information

!!!!!!!!Book quickly to avoid disappointment!!!!!!!!

Server Training

19th September 2014

We have begun to train four students to become servers for our large Masses and some class Masses.

We will link into the Guild of St. Stephen's and hopefully join in some of their external activities in the future.  The first session, on 19th November, is being led by Fr. Tom Creagh-Fuller from Forest Hill parish.

We wish the students good luck, and thank them for their interest and future work in Spirituality.

Year 9 Retreat






Last week the whole of Year 9 travelled down to Aylesford Priory in Kent for their annual day of retreat. This is run by the Southwark Diocesan Youth Team, and they did not fail to impress. They had organised a fantastic day for the student based on the theme if the Beatitudes, and they really explained what this meant in an uncomplicated expression of drama, bible verse and games. CAFOD representatives spoke about the World Cup and the amount of money being used for it, whilst so many in Brazil live in poverty. The message was loud and clear. Our students had a wonderful day with great weather! The day ended with Mass celebrated by Fr. Gregory in the Relic Chapel. Students returned to Bonus Pastor exhausted but full of joy and hope.

You can see photographs of the day in the Galleries / Year 9 / Aylesford Retreat - June 2014

Mrs. Bresin

This year, Year 9 went on a retreat to Aylesford Priory. I think everyone enjoyed this retreat in general. It gave us plenty of time IMG_0276to reflect on the things we had done bad and good. On this retreat we played a range of fun games. Personally I really enjoyed the ‘letter hunt’ game the best as we had to find the hidden clues around the relic chapel. Everyone enjoyed the day.

Victoria Keane  9CB

I really enjoyed the retreat, it’s shown me many things in life. Also how people live in our modern society and people’s culture. This taught me a lot about people’s beliefs as well as their culture and also gave me a lot of experience. Overall, the trip was filled with joy and definitely boosted people’s morality. I would give this trip 10/10, this was mainly because of the co-ordination. Additionally the effort that has been put in by the organisers to enhance our vision of life.

Joseph Atula 9SS

IMG_0273On Tuesday all of Year 9 went to Aylesford Priory and we meet some people from the diocese with whom we spent the day doing activities all around Aylesford like a hunt for letters across the priory which spelt out a word. Then we meet people from CAFOD and we learned about what issues were happening in Brazil. Then after break we joined in with mass.

The day gave us an insight to the daily lives of priests and what they do also we found out about what is happening in Brazil in terms of help in the favelas and learn about John the Baptist. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day .

Sean Bermingham, 9JY


Annual Retreats

140606 Yr 8 Retreat4This week saw the beginning of the annual day retreats for year 8 students. They left early for a day of spirituality at the Westminster Diocesan Youth Centre in North London. It was a day full of fun and prayer. Students participated well in all the activities and the prayer sessions which took place in St. Aloysius RC Church, above the Youth Centre. Once again Bonus Pastor made a brilliant impression and reflected the positive Catholic ethos of the College.

The second year 8 groups will be going out on the same retreat at the beginning of July.




Women's World Day of Prayer

St. Edmund’s Liturgy for Women’s World Day of Prayer

On Friday 7th March,  12 students from Years 7, 8 & 9 accompanied me to take part in the liturgy at St. Edmund’s RC Church in Beckenham.

I felt very proud, as our students, impeccably dressed and with exemplary behaviour greeted over 400 congregants as they came into the church. They handed out booklets for the liturgy and so many people came back and commented on how good they were. In addition, one of our students Goda Banketaite  sat in front of the congregation for the entire service and operated the computer, changing slides for the liturgy.

They were all fantastic, and a big thank you from me to them! Watch this spot for photographs which are being sent to me.  Well done girls!!!!!