Library Events



The annual Lewisham Book Award event was held at our school on Tuesday 25th April.  This year was the most successful year for this event with more Lewisham schools, 7 in total,  and more students, 70 across Years 7 and 8,  participating.  It was also a very successful year for Bonus Pastor students who were in teams that achieved 1st and 2nd places. 

We were very pleased to have as our guest speaker, Sarah Mussi, who spoke to the students about her latest series of books, The Snowdonia Chronicles. Students went away wanting to read Sarah’s books ‘Here by Dragons’ and ‘Here be Witches’; they also found it interesting the way she developed her ideas before writing these books.  Our other guests included representatives from Lewisham Libraries and Peagreen Boat Books. 

Each year five books are selected by Lewisham Librarians for this award and the books are read by a group of our Year 7 and 8 students during library lessons and 14 students this year represented our College.


Students from the winning team together with our guests.

The event is all about building team working skills; students are put into teams with students from other secondary schools with an objective to prepare a presentation to persuade bookshop buyers, our judges, to buy their book, one of the Lewisham Book Award titles. 


Congratulations to Francis Iwu, Maia Wieczerzycki, and Omo Smith from Year 7 who with students from Deptford Green and Prendergast School were in the winning Team.  Congratulations also to Anthony James, Angus Murray and Fortune Musonda from Year 8 together with students from Sedgehill and Prendergast School came a very worthy second.



2nd place – Bonus Pastor, Sedgehill & Prendergast School

Our students commented that the teams this year worked well; they got to know students from the other schools in their teams very quickly and found they were able to share their opinions and use them in their presentations.  They felt their teams were also really organised and everyone contributed. 


Students were able to vote for their favourite book; the winning title by one vote was ‘Burning Midnight’ by Will McIntosh.

Well done to all of our students who participated this year, their contributions to their teams were excellent: Flynn Cole, Esther Eka, Victoria Marten, Daniel Mbondo-O’Driscoll, Matthew Scully, Year 8 and Jacob Adeoya, Tamia Ekpo-Daniels, Nicole Joyce-Stoute, Year 7.

Mrs Baverstock, Librarian