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Junior UK Maths Challenge


30 Year 7 students recently took part in the Junior UK Mathematical Challenge, taking a 1 hour paper in April.  The Junior Challenge is aimed at students in year 8 and below and it encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.  It is the UK's most popular mathematics competition with over 300,000 students taking part each year.



Congratulations to our medal winners for this year’s challenge:

Ava Collins                                  Silver and Best in School

Sophie Simpson                           Silver

Ayooluwa Oni                              Bronze

Ysabella Galvelo                          Bronze

Filippo Lucignano                        Bronze

Oliwia Wnukowicz                        Bronze

Well done to all of the year 7’s who participated in the Maths Challenge. 

Can you answer a question from this year’s paper?

Maths Question

The diagram shows a partially completed magic square, in which all the rows, all columns and both main diagonals have the same total. What is the value of x+y?
A 10  B 11  C 12  D 13  E 14

Ms Jones

Subject Leader of Mathematics


UK Junior Mathematical Challenge


On Thursday 27th April, forty year 7’s took the UK Junior Maths Challenge paper.  This is a maths paper designed for the students who enjoy maths and who also love problem solving.  The challenge is aimed at the top 20% mathematicians in the country and they are awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on their achievement. 

Well done to all the year 7’s who participated in the Maths Challenge and congratulations to our Silver and Bronze winners.



Silver: Luis Makaj (Best in School), Justin Onongaya  

Bronze: Anthony Yoboue, Silvia Anani, Joseph Doherty, Fabio Bongiovanni, Tolulope Elewa, Omowunmi Smith, Bobby Bavington, Nicole Joyce -Stoute

Barcelona Maths Trip 2017

The maths trip to Barcelona was a great experience. We visited places such as the Sagrada familia, the monastery in the mountains, the Nou camp, the cathedral, Pablo Espanyol, park guell and many other different historic parts to look at the design and architecture of the sites. I used maths in many ways such as the conversion, for the design of buildings and its shape and general architecture. A very enjoyable experience of Barcelona. Anthony Scully, 10GL.


Barcelona was a very fun and interesting experience, filled with engaging Maths questions and History. From this trip I learnt a lot about the beautiful culture of Barcelona from its food to its music. The educational yet exciting booklet allowed us to look at the mathematical side of Barcelona, Spain. Maureen Omomia, 10JS.






My experience of Barcelona is that it’s a great beautiful place and it’s great if you like learning the history about local landmarks and we visited quite a few of them. I enjoyed looking around, going to the aquarium and going shopping for souvenirs. We also did a very fun Maths booklet. Natasha Davis, 10CBR.






I really enjoyed my time in Barcelona. Specially the architecture of the Sagrada familia on the facade, and the inside with the stain glass windows. I also really enjoyed the food, in particular the paella. William Booth-Farmer, 10CBR.



This was a great trip and the students enjoyed it. Thank you to Ms Morgan and Mr Elliott for coming on the trip and helping out.

PiHappy Pi Day

On 14th March, the Maths department celebrate Pi. What is Pi? Pi is an irrational number which is used to find the circumference of a circle.



What do we know about Pi? There is no zero in the first 31 digits of Pi. Albert Einstein was born on Pi day. The earliest recognition were found in Babylon, around 1650 BC.





If one billion digits of Pi were written out it would stretch out for 1302 miles, from London to St Petersburg, Russia. Pi is the 16th Number of the Greek alphabet.


Today, the Year 7s spent their lesson ‘Discovering Pi’ with a set of circles, string, pencil and ruler. Older students used their knowledge of Pi to find the circumference and area of circles also looking into sectors and arcs.



IMG_7542   IMG_7533   IMG_7538


Interactive Maths Enrichment Workshop


On Tuesday November 15 2016, the Maths Department hosted an INTERACTIVE MATHS ENRICHMENT WORKSHOP for the year 7 students, entitled WORLD of MATHS.  The workshop created a fast- paced, entertaining and interactive look at mathematics whilst solving mathematical problems relating to the syllabus.

There were 17 different board games of really enriching activities, for the students to explore.


These are some of the comments from our year seven students:

“The Maths Roadshow was very fun and we played a lot of games that included maths skills. For example Balance Beam, Now I see it and Hexagon Hunt.

I wish I can do it again, apart from the fun side we had to remember this was for our education and personally I loved it” 

Precious Nwaru.


“What a wonderful day at the Maths Roadshow. As we entered the Hall there was games everywhere. The games looked easy but they were actually challenging when you play them.

Maths Active -Times table- Hard- Subtracting

Rounding- Objective- Adding- Dividing

Sums- Hope- Oval- Wild

Dejanae Suckoo


“It was a good lesson.  We were challenged and some of them were very hard but that’s good. It is good to challenge yourself to get a higher grade and make it fun at the same time.”


Daniel Olutu.


University of London Trip


The maths trip to University of London in Russel Square was a great opportunity to learn more about my subject of interest, maths, as well as learn in an environment of enthusiasts while listening to speakers who have devoted their life to mathematical research. Although this may sound quite tedious, I am sure all the other year 11s would agree that the presenters had a way of showing their maths in a way that made it interesting but fun at the same time. They had countless amounts of jokes and constantly received an uproar of applause from the audience for their (occasionally bad) puns or lively presentations. At the same time we learnt about many mathematical topics ranging from the origin of numbers to coastlines. The trip outlined that there are many mathematical problems left for solving and left us with the inspiration to be those who would prove the solutions. Although the trip explained the past history of numbers, I am sure it encouraged many of us to continue with numbers in the future.

-Matteo Bongiovanni


Oware day 2016


Just before half term all the year 7 students had a chance to play Oware.  This is an old strategy game that is played all over the world under many different names, Mancala for one.   Each class had their own competition to find out who would become the class champion. 


Class Champions

7Ma1                     Marie Esber

7Ma3                     Ebony McPherson

7Ma4                     Angela Oribhabor & Hilton Agbonsevbafe

7Ma5                     Charles Agudosi

Students Comments

‘……amazing and interesting because I learnt how to play a game related to maths’   Chastity   7CC

‘…a strategy board game where you move around dropping stones in pots and collecting stones on your side …’

‘….a very educational experience where we learnt ever so much, such as, the game is an old traditional game that started in Uganda then the game went world- wide…’    Jude

‘This game uses a lot of focus and strategy.  After a few demonstrations we played a game of our own.  In many countries, Oware is named lots of different names…’    Mia 7MMa


Maths Dept


Maths Reward Trip to The London Eye


Millenium Wheel 1On May15,2015 a group of 20 students from year 7 and year 8  were duly rewarded for their hard work and positive
attitude to learning in Maths.

The London eye experience was a positive for them all. The excellent view coupled with the sight of the mathematically-shaped architecture  of the many buildings around

London was just fantastic.  They saw mathematics from a different angle !!!!!!

"The trip to the London Eye was a great experience. Being on the London Eye made everything seem so small from above. We also went inside the 4D Theatre room. Seeing the images in 4D made it seem like everything was popping out of the screen." Belinda Blackson


“The 4D experience is like you can touch and smell everything. The London Eye was a different experience. I was scared at first but then I calmed down and enjoyed the lovely view. From the London Eye you are able to see a lot of shapes that make up the very tall buildings in London.” Thea Barghout


Millenium Wheel 2


Mathematics with a Thrill


On the 21st of May 2015, a group of year 8 students embarked on an exciting educational journey to Thorpe Park- (The annual Maths trip)

Some Comments

“On May 21st some of the maths groups went to Thorpe Park. We did a maths challenge, then had free time. I went on rides like the Rush, Samurai and others. I really enjoyed the experience.”   Onyi

“Thorpe Park was an amazing experience. I went on some of the best rides in the world. The Maths trail was quite fun.” Joe Dillon

“I had a great time there, I went on so many rides. Stealth was the best and the fastest. There was good maths questions. It was a fantastic day.”   Kyrah Fowler


Maths Department

On the Friday the 13th March the year 7 students, within their Maths lesson, celebrated Pi day. They learnt the history of pi and some other interesting facts. The lesson culminated with each student receiving an apple pie.

I have learnt about the diameter and circumference of the circle and its rules. Also I learnt that the symbol π has more than 2.7 trillion digits after the decimal point.

Joshua S



On Pi day we learnt that π stands for a number. It is an irrational number and it never ends. It has over 2.7 trillion numbers after PI Kidsthe   decimal number. The symbol is also a Greek letter. A circle has a diameter, circumference and arc.


PI 3We learnt that π goes on forever. It always starts from 3 and we learnt the words circumference and diameter.


We learnt about Pi day and that pi means π. Pi is a continuing number. We did activities then we ate pies.


I learnt the history of Pi – like when it was discovered and where it was discovered. I also learnt how to work out pi. Pi has thousands  of numbers after the decimal point. 


On Pi day I learnt how pi was discovered and how we use it to work out the circumference of a circle.


PI 2What I have learnt on Pi day is that π is 3.14. I was also taught about the diameter, radius and circumference.


On Friday the 13th March we learnt about pi. Π is a Greek symbol and I also learnt about the circumference and diameter. We also learnt that there are over 2.7 trillion numbers after the decimal point. It is an irrational number.


PI 4

Ms S McKenzie
Maths Teacher

The Brilliant Club

The year 7 and 8 students who participated, this autumn, in the Brilliant Club were asked three questions:

1) Is going to university in 4/5 years now a

2) What skills did you learn and how would they help you in the future?

3) Was your participation a positive experience?

Here are some of their answers.

The Brill ClubGoing to university is definitely a consideration for me now. By being a part of the Brilliant Club, we learnt skills such as how university students study, and how they write their essays. This will help me in the future because I will be able to complete my work to the standard that should be expected of a university student. Also it gives me an idea of how work at university will be like and what to expect. The experience was definitely positive as I learned useful skills and information that I didn't know before.

Alyse Appassamy-Brown

Participating in the brilliant club has given me many skills. I have learnt how to work independently, efficiently. I have also learnt how to cope under pressure/time frame. The experience has enabled me to learn in a university style with tutor groups. This experience was a very positive one as I feel that I have developed more as a student and person. I am looking forward to go to university in 4/5 years’ time.

 Nneoma Okoli

Over the course of the Brilliant club I have developed a wide range of skills that I would not have known that I had if I did not participate.  During the course of the brilliant club I have accomplished the skills of essay writing and also the skills of discussing my ideas and listening to other people’s ideas then putting them together to gain a stronger understanding of the topic that was being discussed.

                                                                        Nathan Williams Lewis

The Brill Club 2Considering the potential benefits, going to university is highly considered. I learnt a wide array of skills like how to structure an essay and how to form a definitive conclusion on a specific subject. This will help me in university and in writing essays for subjects like history which rely on essays. I also learnt how to critically analyse sources, which is important as I can say how reliable a source is. My participation was positive as it taught me many things and has put another good point on my CV.

Mark Jegorovas


The Brill Club 3Going to university in 4/5 years is a consideration because it could have a huge impact on my life and future. I have learnt how to extend my writing and explain things to detail. My participation was a positive experience.

Jada Wallace

The Brilliant Club introduced to university life and made me see the importance of revision. It made me want to go to university because it showed me what a degree can do for you. The extra homework and final assignment forced me to organise my time correctly which is a great skill to have.

Theresa Eke

The Brilliant club has opened my mind to a vast and wide range of things that up until then I hadn’t taken into consideration. I now think more about what it means to be a university graduate and what I would want to study and what I want to gain from it (Law). The lessons that I learnt from the experience of working with the PhD tutor and visiting the Sussex University opened my eyes and now I am aware of a lot more things around me questioning what is going on in the world. The skills I gained were how to research properly and how to get my idea across in a 1500 word essay. The Brilliant club was a positive experience and I’m grateful to have been a part of it.

Shadane Sutherland

My experience in the Brilliant club was very educational and inspirational and I am very grateful for being chosen to do this course. Our tutor Jennifer was very kind and everyone in my group appreciated her, she taught us many techniques that I will bring with me in the future when I am in university. Our course was on the Ebola virus and we had to submit a 1500 word on how we could prevent Ebola from spreading. My participant in the Brilliant Club was positive and I have learnt many things, this course has inspired me to go to university even more.

Renee StewartThe Brill Club 4

Prior to joining the Brilliant Club, my thoughts on University and University lifestyle were very restricted meaning that I hadn't really a clue. I wasn't sure how difficult it would be in terms of learning and presenting. On the contrast now I have a great understanding on many things. This is due to the fact that, the Brilliant Club as well as Jennifer, my tutor taught me various significant things about our predominant topic, Ebola, as well as University tips. I learnt that many skills must be pursued including independent work before attending University. In addition I learnt a numerous amount of facts and statistics about Ebola, which was extremely interesting. Moreover I was introduced to referencing and things like, plagiarism which were relatively new to me. Being in the Brilliant Club made me think about my future and what my aspirations are. I realised I definitely want to go to University and that education is
tremendously important.

Monay Thomas

The Brill Club 5

I have enjoyed participating in the brilliant club and going to university is now something I wold now consider in the future. I learnt to research things on my own and I also learnt how to reference my work properly as well. This will help me to write better essays in the future including more relevant information. I enjoyed taking part and feel I have learnt a valuable lesson which will help me at school and help me to get higher grades.

Isabel Steet

Being in the Brilliant Club has given me a whole new perspective on University Learning. It has strongly influenced my choice to go and study at a university, hopefully a high performing one. Studying with a PhD Tutor is great, as they are a master in that subject and can immediately tell you what to improve on. This pushes me to keep on learning and become even better at learning than I am now.

Chekwubechukuw Nweze

Participating in brilliant club gave me a taster of how challenging university is and how homework is done there. Also it has showed me how you have to be well organised and punctual or you might miss very important information given. Brilliant club has also helped me understand more of how university works e.g the different types of lessons seminars and lectures. Overall the brilliant club have been a great experience and has definitely encouraged me to go to university.

Oluwatimilehin Awosika-Dyer

From participating in the Brilliant Club I have changed my style of learning, the reason for this is because the Brilliant club has taught me not only about the topic that we were learning but also how to be a university style pupil. I have learnt that being in University means that I have to work not only really hard but more independently by myself to achieve. I have started to do more independent research by myself now so I can get ready and prepared for when I go to University.

Jason Guan

The brilliant club has been very helpful in showing me how university life is like and the ways in which they study and do their work. It has also encouraged me to take part in more things like this and to try harder to do good.

Bradley Gale

The Brilliant Club helped me to understand what life is like in university. We learnt how to research, work as a team, how to work at a tutorial and how to write essays, as well as a lot of other helpful skills that I will be able to use further down the line. It has encouraged me to think more about university and where I want to go and what I want to do.

Manika Patel

I have learned more about what is expected of a student in university and about how to progress in life.

Christian Mulhall-Bittner

At Kings we learned about how university will help us in the later stages of our life. University can open up a range of well-respected and well paid jobs.

Arese Joe-Oshodi

After completing the Brilliant Club course I am now a lot more confident about going to university than before.  I also feel that I have learnt some new and important skills concerning university style learning and how to use university style platforms such as the VLE.  On the whole, I believe that the Brilliant Club has given me some very important experience with regards to university and I enjoyed the entire course.

James McGrorty

I have always dreamed of going to university but due to all I have learnt in Brilliant Club. I have become more passionate about my future and this has influenced my choice. My occupation in life includes the qualification of University, due to Brilliant Club I have been intrigued in finding out more to do with university life, student finance, hall of residence and types of teaching techniques (seminars, tutorials, etc). I have learnt how university level work is assessed, critical thinking, independent research, and a high level of scientific understanding.

These skills can help when getting into/applying for university, these skills can help in my education
progress. My participating has made a positive effect in my life. I am more intrigued in university life more than ever. It seems fascinating and I hope I continue to keep this resilience.

Rebecca Ogunmodede


Ms S McKenzie
The Brilliant Club Leader/Maths Teacher


Oware Inter-House Competition

Oware winnerOn Tuesday 27th January we held our very first Oware
Inter-house competition! It was a great success, we had over 20 students from all six houses take part in the event.

There was a great atmosphere in the hall. Each student brought with them their competitive spirit as well as their comradeship. Each student played three games in the first round. The winners from each group moved onto the semi-finals. Just look at the concentration!

A big congratulations to Daniella Boateng 7SY who won the competition for More house.

Here are a few pictures taken from the competition.

Oware groupOware handshake

Miss Subramaniam
Maths Teacher

The House Team
Mrs S Quinn, Miss Hill, Miss Stephenson, Miss Fullilove, Miss Johal and Miss Cotton








Inspiration Day

Maths Inspiration 1The Maths Inspiration trip was a great trip. It really opened my eyes to the fact that Maths isn't just about equations but can be used in real life situations. The juggling guy  (Colin Wright) was the most interesting. The presenter was quite funny.


The Maths Inspiration trip was very inspiring . I learnt a lot and enjoyed the whole day!  Maths is tied into Physics and it was interesting to find out how and why it is tied into it.  This trip helped me to learn a lot and I would go again if I could.


The trip was a great experience.  We saw how the Maths we learn links into our lives.  The speakers were very inspirational.  We saw that Maths is a fundamental factor in every day life such as solving crimes.   Overall it has changed my view and I am now considering studying Maths further.


On the 25th November I attended the Maths Inspiration trip.  I greatly enjoyed the trip overall because it opened my eyes to the different careers in Maths.  Hugh Hunt with a career combination of Physics and Maths really interested me.  His presentation of his experiment of the spinning bomb, showed us all the Maths behind it which was incredibly interesting to me. 


I had enjoyed the Maths Inspiration trip thoroughly I personally enjoyed Hugh Hunt the most because I am personally interested in History and especially the Second World War.  He reproduced the dam busters bouncing bomb and presented the Gyroscopic effect and how difficult it is to apply Maths to situations but that it can be found in the most unusual places.  This has inspired me to do Maths as I now realise that Maths is used in every day life and understanding it can be beneficial and that it is used in the most unusual vocations/jobs. 


This trip was worth while as it helped me to find out how Maths is applied in the everyday world and how it was alos applied in WW2.


It was a very enlightening experience into the great world of Mathematicians.  I learnt many things I wouldn’t learn in the classroom and it allowed me to branch out and see different things. 


Number Day

Students comments on Number Day

Number Day 1For me Number Day it is the day that we would leave class to hunt for answers. To raise money for  the NSPCC which is the foundation to raise money for Childline.  I learnt  about parabolas the curved thing, I enjoyed it, it was fun.


Number Day was on Friday 5th December. It was for us to raise money for the NSPCC which is the National Society  for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. I learnt about Maths it was really fun I liked everything, it was enjoyable.


We, Year 7, have raised money for the NSPCC Number day is when you do Maths questions in a fun way. I
enjoyed most of the questions.


Number Day taught me a lot I never knew what irrational was. It really helped me. I enjoyed looking for the
answers and learning new things for Maths.


I found that Number Day was very enjoyable and I even found out the definitions of some words, I also collected sponsorship.


I thought Number Day was brilliant. I really learnt some things.


Number Day is a day that children raise money for the NSPCC. Children do this for children in need because some children in the world have no homes or food to eat. The NSPCC equals National; Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. I learnt the meaning of NSPCC, I enjoyed raising the money for the NSPCC.



Year 7 Maths Roadshow

141128 roadshow 015On Friday November 21 2014, the Maths Department hosted an INTERACTIVE MATHS ENRICHMENT WORKSHOP for the year 7 students, entitled WORLD of MATHS.  The workshop created a fast- paced, entertaining and interactive look at mathematics whilst solving mathematical problems relating to the syllabus.

There were 17 different board games of really enriching activities, for the students to explore.

These are some of the comments from our year seven students:

“The Maths Roadshow was very fun and we played a lot of games that included maths skills. For example Balance Beam, Now I See It and Hexagon Hunt.

I wish I can do it again, apart from the fun side we had to remember this was for our education and personally I loved it” 

Henry Erhabor 7SB.

“What a wonderful day at the Maths Roadshow. As we entered the Hall there was games everywhere. The games looked easy 141128 roadshow 023but they were actually challenging when you play them.

Maths Active -Times table- Hard- Subtracting

Rounding- Objective- Adding- Dividing

Sums- Hope- Oval- Wild

Ashanti Taylor 7MS

“It was a good lesson.  We were challenged and some of them were very hard but that’s good. It is good to
challenge yourself to get a higher grade and make it fun at the same time.”

Brithney Wouadji 7MR


Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club is building a movement that mobilises doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to increase fair access to highly 141121 Brilliantselective universities for high performing pupils from non-selective state schools.

The Brilliant Club gives pupils with a structured programme of on-going support that has a core focus on developing knowledge, skills and ambition, as well as raising their attainment in national exams. During the tutorials, PhD tutors use their passion and expertise to motivate and stretch the pupils, helping them to develop academic skills like critical thinking and communication. Between tutorials, pupils are required to undertake challenging reading and writing assignments that lead to the completion of an extended essay that takes pupils above and beyond the normal school curriculum. Completing this process helps pupils to build up their emotional skills including confidence and resilience, as well as enhancing their ability to see themselves in the physical and intellectual environment of a university.

Brilliant Club 2014 Inaugural Visit

141121 Maths1I went on a trip to the University of Sussex to learn more about the Brilliant club and what they do.  The Brilliant club was set up to aid children from a less advantaged background to have the confidence in their ability in being able to attend highly selective universities.  I learnt about the various ways in which university students learn.  I enjoyed learning about the huge variety of courses you can do at university.  I hope that the Brilliant club can help me realise my full potential.

James McGrorty

The brilliant club is a club where people are chosen to be tutored by a PhD student at university level in several subject and where they can get a feel of what university life would be like and what type of things you would learn if you chose to go. By going to the brilliant club i hoped to achieve a better understanding of maths and science because they are two of the most important subjects so it is always good to know some extra details. I enjoyed that we were mixed with other schools in the talks and some of the workshops that we did and also that we learnt a lot about the university and how it worked and that you are completely in charge of your education.

Manika Patel

We went to the University of Sussex, which is 10 minutes away from Brighton. We went there for the Brilliant club. The Brilliant 141121 Maths2club, is a club in which secondary students are taught by PhD students.

I hope by participating in the Brilliant club I will be able to structure the correct type of essay and to know how to work at a university student standard. I really enjoyed the tour of the campus; seeing what their buildings represent; where lectures are held and where students work.

Jada Wallace

Today we went to the University of Sussex for the beginning of our scholars programme, the aim of it was to learn about what university would be like and the different ways of learning there, not only that but we also learnt about how viruses spread from one person to another. The activity was run by ‘The Brilliant Club’ who is a charity that is trying to increase the fair access to popular universities all over the UK. From the visit today I’ve learnt that if a degree that you choose isn’t right for you then you can always change and choose one that is more interesting and suites you. From the Brilliant club I hope to achieve a good understanding of different ways of learning that suits me and to be able to work more independently.

Jason Guan

We went to the University of Sussex as a launch trip of the Brilliant Club. The Brilliant Club is an organisation that recognises students from low participation schools, who they think can get into some of the top universities. Today I learnt about life at university. I learnt about the different sites and their uses at the university, as well as the study skills that students use. I also learnt about the different courses that can be taken at universities all over the UK. By participating in the Brilliant Club, I hope to achieve more knowledge about the topic of Ebola as well as study techniques. I also hope to gain experience and confidence in my work. I enjoyed the tour today as it gave us a good feel of life at university.

Alyse Appassamy-Brown


Number Day

Take it away for Number Day 2014!141121 Number Day

On 5 December we will be using fun curriculum based maths challenges designed by the NSPCC and Oxford University Press to help raise money for the NSPCC. We are asking year 7 pupils to collect sponsorship / donations using the enclosed sponsor form.

It all adds up

We are certainly going to go nutty with numbers on Number Day!  Your support is much appreciated as the money we raise at Bonus Pastor Catholic College will make an enormous difference to children today and help change the lives of children tomorrow.

Thank you.

You can find out more about the NSPCC’s work at


Oware Day


All year 7’s participated in the Maths department Oware Day.  The students 141106 oware2were introduced to the outside host and were then told about the age and history of the game.  This is a game that is played internationally under different names i.e. Wari, Mancala.   It is a strategic and logically thinking game which allows all students to enjoy the art of game playing.  All the year7’s played one another and there was some fierce competition amongst them to find out who would finally be named as the Maths class champions, who will all receive certificates.

Class Champions are named below:

Lillian Larsey 7MR
Ryan Smith 7SY
Ashanti Taylor 7MS
Trezel-Tiras Codjoe 7SY
Shaun Morgan 7MS
Shy’iem James 7MR
Shane Ogbeide 7DM

Student Comments

141106 oware5“I enjoyed Oware.  It was the first time I played it, it was a new game to learn.  The game was enjoyable to play, for it helped me use my brain.  It’s like chess but more interesting and from Africa.  I would like to play it more often.”   Jonathan

“I really enjoyed the Oware workshop because it is a unique, fun and interesting game.  The thing I liked about the game is that you really need to think.  Many Thanks.”   Keisha

“It was a very fun and intriguing because I hadn’t played the game in a long time, so I had forgotten about it (plus the rules) so I had to learn how to play it all over again……
I even told my mum to buy it for me”    Emilomoh

“I have to say the my Oware experience was the most fantastic ever.  It was thrilling to play the oldest game ever.  However I was slightly disappointed in myself as I could’ve won and was so close to winning.  Although I didn’t win, I found the time I had great!”       Michael

Oware is fantastic141106 oware6
Well, really fun!
Exciting                 Kerri-Anne


There will be an Oware Club held in Room WF6 on Wednesdays after school from 3.15 pm (see Miss Subramaniam)


Year 8 Thorpe Park Maths Train

140612 thorpe parkWe did maths from a booklet. The rides were really fun but not all were scary. I enjoyed the day even though it rained towards the end. Joshua A

The maths involved was that we had to put down the time we had to wait, the amount of people that were allowed on the rides, the speed and measurements. The rides: saw, tidal wave, rush and colossus were all fun but really scary. I would go again. I really enjoyed myself. Chante W

We had to time the rides and write down the minimum height you had to be to go on the rides. The rides were fun. I really enjoyed the day and I would go again. Aundre C

We had to name the shapes on the floor. I went on rush and a water ride. I enjoyed the day with my friends. Tyler P.S.

The maths was okay. I enjoyed the rides. The day was fun. Webster A

On the 23rd May I went to Thorpe Park. I enjoyed it very much even though I went on one ride. It was really good and we had to go round the park answering maths questions. I would go again because it was really fun. Alfie Mc

The Thorpe Park trip was really exciting and I could not wait to feel the adrenalin from the fast rides. I had a maths worksheet that I had to complete, about the rides. I really enjoyed myself and I am thankful to the maths department. Stanley K

I really liked the trip to Thorpe Part. The maths was fun and interactive. I would go again. Leo R.F

The maths involved was about the rides. The rides were awesome. I really enjoyed the day. One of the best days I have had. I would love to go again. Luis A.G

I enjoyed Thorpe Park. I found the maths involved easy but interesting. I loved the rides and would love to again. Heather D

The maths was interesting but not challenging. The rides were awesome/mental. I enjoyed the day. I would go again. Wezi

The maths was included nicely into the day. The rides were brilliant. I enjoyed the day. Thomas M



UK Junior Maths Challenge - June 2014

Congratulations and Well Done To the following students who have achieved significantly in the recent Annual UK Junior Maths Challenge.






Best in School
Best in Year




































Collecting Algebraic Terms

Year 5 students from St Augustine140523 algebra 2

A group of Gifted and Talented students in year five have been coming in to College on Friday mornings for Booster sessions in Mathematics.

They are currently working on “Algebra” and they are just loving it.




Brilliant Club 2014

140516 Brilliant clubTwelve year nine students were chosen to participate with an organisation called the Brilliant Club. Over several lessons they were taught higher level mathematics by a PhD researcher from King’s College University of London.

This would culminate with the students completing a 2000 word essay which would be marked using a degree mark scheme. More than 50% of the students received a first which was extraordinary. The work of Pebbie Miller-Imbert and Patrick Gonda
were additionally awarded distinctions for the high quality level of their essays. A mini graduation was held at Robinson College Cambridge University.

Ms McKenzie
Maths Department

Students’ Perspective

I subjectively thought that this day alone, was one of two fantastic day trips that I was a part of. The Brilliant club has been an extreme learning curve for me and because of it, I am able to believe in myself and to be determined to expand my learning. I would recommend this to anyone of any ability.  Tia Wheeler

Overall I thought that this was an amazing experience and very insightful. My knowledge of university and university life has dramatically grown. Christoph Lourdras

Everyone worked really hard and although the topic was relatively difficult, we all came through very well. Julius Franke

The Trip to Cambridge was a eye opening experience because it helped understand what life at a top university is like and how to get a place at a top university. The Trip also allowed me to realize that you don't have to be upper class to go to a top university and that going to a top university like Cambridge or the Royal Holloway is a realistic ambition for me. Overall the Brilliant Club was a highly beneficial experience. Matthew Kigundu-Ssali

I improved my maths skills and all of the work has been challenging but with effort, it has all been attainable. At the end, we were set a 1500 word final assignment, which may sound hard, but is not difficult if you understand everything in the topic and try, and was useful for essay-writing practice. I am very pleased about the result I received in the final assignment, which was excellent. The whole course informed us about life in university and decisions that we would need to make if we wanted to study there, which I found very useful. Igor Mitich

The experience of the Brilliant club will give me an advantage of applying for sixth forms, colleges and universities, not only on my CV but the skills that I would have been able to learn on the programme. Isaiah Kumuyi

It taught me a lot of things about the life of education and helped me have a deeper insight on what I could possibly be studying later on in life. Overall I thought The Brilliant club was a great experience and I did thoroughly enjoy it. Jude Antwi-Boasaiko

I hope that we get to continue this course in Year 10, and/or maybe even start other subjects! This would be a brilliant course for those who are considering going to university. I hope that the school will build their relationship with the Brilliant Club and submit other students on to the course. Pebbie Miller-Imbert

The Brilliant club was a great opportunity for me to learn about the RSA code, which takes a huge part in our lives without us even knowing it. In the Brilliant club program we had a few sessions with our tutor who has a PHD in the subject; I really enjoyed these sessions because they were interesting, fun and involving. Patrick Gonda

Throughout the course we learnt variety of methods and about people who invented these methods. The course itself was difficult yet challenging. Sangiavi Mohanarasan

On Tuesday I and 11 other people from my year went to a Graduation in Robinsons College. I had a wonderful time. I would recommend the Brilliant Club for everyone. The course was difficult; it was testing your knowledge. Safi Santhiyapillou

I personally loved this workshop because it helped me develop new skills in maths and also helped me think and choose the most reliable course heading towards my future. Moreover this workshop also showed me how difficult it is to keep up with perfect grades and I would love to do it again next year if I had the chance!  Szymon Przedzelewski-Babatunde

GCSE Mathematics in Action

A group of Year 10’s visited the Institute of Education, University of London, Russell Square to attend a Maths conference with around 500 other school students to see GCSE Mathematics in Action. 

They were spoken to and entertained by various experts in the field of mathematics who emphasised the point that without mathematics where would we all be and the importance of continuing their studies further not just for the money but also for the joy of the subject.

Student Comments:

My experience of the University was very exciting; we travelled up to London and reached there anticipating a fun day.  WE were given lectures on how maths is used in real life situations.  These lectures enabled me to understand the higher bases of maths and it gave me a different view on maths.  My favourite talk was on how maths is used in the Simpsons.  As it was something I have watched on TV, as it was easy to understand the maths being discussed.  Another talk that I enjoyed was the code breaking lecture, it was the best and most fun out of all the talks, the speaker was confident, sharp and appealing to his audience.  I would definitely like to visit the University again because it was a good experience for me and I was able to see maths in a different light.
Toju Toghanro

Where I went: The University of London
Why: To see GCSE Mathematics in Action
What happened: We got  lectures about how maths helps us in our everyday life.  The first lecture told us how maths is part of the legendary Simpsons and Futurama Series.  The second lecture told us about rabbits, babies and rabies.  They mentioned how many rabbit were being produced each year etc.  The third lecture talked about code breaking.  He told us how the English broke the German codes in WW2 and described how it was done and how it worked.  The fourth lecture talked about probability and Pascal’s triangle.  Then the last lecture talked about lateral thinking.
Uche Okechukwu

The trip to the University of London was a fun and engaging day to see GCSE Mathematics in Action and to learn how maths is used in different ways.  We sat through various lectures each giving an in depth discussion on the way maths was used in their teachings.  My favourite was the talk on Rabbits, Babies and Rabies, because the speaking was engaging and although he was giving a long in-depth discussion, he was also making jokes to keep us interested.  Overall it was a fun day and I was able to learn more about Maths.
Olivia Savery

Yesterday was very insightful into how maths could be used in real life.  It was a fun experience that taught me a lot more than I knew about maths.  I enjoyed the Maths in the Simpsons lecture the most as it was very entertaining, however Rabbits, Babies and Rabies and the Code Breaking session were also very entertaining as well.  But Pascal’s triangle and Lateral thinking were interesting too.
Joseph Kelliher

Ms Jones
Head of Maths





The Brilliant Club

2014-03-07 16 56 45The Brilliant Club is an opportunity for a small group of Year 9 students to experience a taste of university education. 

Over a 6 week period they will complete university based exercises with a Maths PhD tutor.  The club commenced at Royal Holloway University last week with an introduction in the university lecture hall and  a tour of the campus in Egham. 

The course will conclude with a university style graduation at Cambridge University after each student has produced an investigative project.

Student Comments

On my trip to the Royal Holloway I learnt a lot about the University and general university life as well.  I learnt that the Royal Holloway is the 12th best university in the UK.  The main building is huge and attention-worthy.  Everyone is nice and friendly and everyone knows each other.  There is a huge amount of courses to choose from so there is something for everyone.  After lunch we had our first experience with our tutor.  He taught us the basics of prime numbers in a simple interactive lesson, Brilliant Club isn’t just one trip—it’s a huge program.

Patrick Gonda

On March 7th I and eleven peers went to the Royal Holloway University.  We were greeted by resident students which gave me an insight into what university would be like for me.  Throughout the trip I was overwhelmed with new knowledge and experiences.  At Royal Holloway we met the PhD student who will be teaching us for the next six weeks.  If I am to be very honest, I can’t wait.  After leaving Royal Holloway I felt extremely informed about university and university life.  I finally feel as if I have gained the ability to move ahead in my education and hopefully go a world renowned university.

Christoph Lourdras

I went to the Royal Holloway University.  I enjoyed the trip because they explained my future careers.  Also we had to split up into groups of 6.  Our tutor Simon Chu who taught our first tutorial which was brilliant.  After that we had to do our tour with a Royal Holloway Student.  The we had our lunch.  The buildings were old but traditional.  I feel honoured to be given an amazing opportunity to go and have a PhD student teaching what he knows best.

Safi Santhiyapillai

On Friday 7th March I and another 10 pupils in Year 9 were granted the privilege of taking part in the “Brilliant Club”.  We were taken to the Royal Holloway University in Egham and along with 5 other schools, took part in a number of activities which not only exposed us to university life,  but gave us a wider range of knowledge we may not receive in secondary school.  I personally had an excellent time and can not wait to continue my journey in the “Brilliant Club”.  I wold also recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Tia Wheeler


Intermediate Maths Challenge


(Edgar Rowe)

For the first time!!!!

On the 6th of February 2014, the Mathematics Department entered a group of year 9 students for the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge. This is the follow-up Challenge from the Junior Mathematical Challenge which the year 7 students are always entered for. This Challenge is organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust for schools in England and Wales.

Well done to all participants. As a College we achieved 9 certificates- 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 6 Bronze.  Congratulations to:

Igor Mitich - achieved; Gold Certificate, Best in School and Best in Year.

Dominic Bentham and William Ndukuba - both achieved Silver Certificates.

Bronze Awardees are:

· Patrick Gonda

· Tenison Thayaparan

· Chris Soroye

· Daniel Tuckey

· Owen Amenze

· Szymon Przedzelewski

Igor Mitich and William Ndukuba also qualified for the Grey Kangaroo Challenge.

And they continue to SHINE………

Sample questions

  • How many weeks are there in 8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 minutes?
  • How many 4-digit integers (from 1000 to 9999) have at least one digit repeated?

Why not have a go!


greenwichRoyal Institution Master-Classes


(Thomas A. Edison)

Four Year 9 students (Christopher Soroye, Igor Mitich, Tenisnn Thayaparan and Dominic Bentham) have been attending Mathematics Masterclasses at Greenwich University on a Saturday Morning from 10:00am – 12:30 in the afternoon. The sessions started 25th of January and will end on the 15th of March 2014.

There are a total of 54 students from Schools around The Borough of Lewisham and Greenwich.

This has been a rewarding, fun-filled experience for them. They have all embraced the experience with such keenness as this is “Mathematics seen in a different perspective from everyday
Mathematics in the Curriculum.” They are enjoying “thinking outside the box”.


Comments from Students.

I have really enjoyed attending the maths master classes so far in Greenwich. The lecturers have taught us how to approach maths differently and told us about mathematicians in history who have done the same. Each class has taught me something new and I would recommend these classes to anyone who is or wants to be interested in maths.

Dominic Bentham

I have really enjoyed the Saturday Maths Master-classes in Greenwich. We usually think of maths as boring wrestling with equations, but these classes have shown otherwise. The teachers there really seem to enjoy what they are doing and want to teach the subject to others. We learn many things we would not learn in school, such as logic. Thank you to all the teachers and I am looking forward to the two remaining classes.

Igor Mitich

Maths at University

A group of Year 10 and 11 students regularly attend Maths sessions at King’s College London; Daria Kieczka,  Emilio Melella, Vanessa Okoh, Grace Olasuyi, Taija Williams, Stephanie Lebby, Elaiza Cerdenola, Temi Adebowale, Olu Akinnubi, Dolapo Ogunfuye.

This is amazing as these students are still doing their GCSEs in school, but take part in Higher level Maths classes at University as well.

Attending the Maths Programme at Kings College gives me the opportunity to have more understanding about maths.  This prepares me for studying maths at a higher level.  I enjoy attending these sessions as I get to meet new people and from there we share ideas based on how to tackle maths problems.

Grace Olasuyi 11SD

I have recently been given the opportunity to study extra maths at Kings College London.  I’m thoroughly enjoying this rare opportunity as it is enabling me to further my maths knowledge and capability.  The sessions take place every other Tuesday and we go into depth with mathematical theories.  Not only have the sessions aided me with my current school work but have given me an insight on how to approach my A-levels.

Emilio Melella 11PR

Recently I have been attending extra maths sessions at Kings College University.  It has been a fantastic opportunity to extend my maths skills.  Every two weeks I attend a two hour session where mathematical theories as well as methods are explained.  This is exciting as I gain fundamental knowledge of concepts like the quadratic formula and where it has come from.  These sessions have given me an insight of the things I should prepare myself for at A-level.

Daria Kieczka 11CH

My visits to Kings College University have expanded my knowledge by teaching me different ways to solve the same question.  From these visits I have gained confidence by interacting with new people and I now have a clear idea of my plans and goals for my future.

Vanessa Okoh – 11EW

At Kings College I get the chance to enhance my maths skills and it also prepares me for maths at a higher level, for example, advance trigonometry, quadratics and loci of a line.

Taija Williams 11PJ


A Mathematical Career?
Mathematical Career?

Problem solving in Greenwich

The Maths Department organised a day trip on Wednesday 10th February 2014 to the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Greenwich- Old Royal Navy College- Park Row, London. This trip was geared towards  students who are Gifted and Talented in Maths and whose Aspirational Grade is an A –A*,

The activities for the day were:

· Enriched Maths Activities

· Sessions on Possible Careers in Maths

· Tour of the Campus

Comments from students

The day to Greenwich University informed me about how important maths is and where it could lead me if I put some work into it. It also inspired me to work harder for my GCSEs. (Esosa  Joe-Ashodi)

My day at Greenwich University was an eye opener. It inspired me to look into  further maths options and into jobs related to maths. It showed me that if you work hard you can achieve anything. (Gregory Alexis)

The day trip to Greenwich University was inspirational and moving. It made me realise what University is really like and the importance of it. I recommend everyone to go on a trip like this if given the chance. (Stephanie Lebby)

Yesterday at Greenwich University was a real insight into what life at university will be like. It allowed me to think more about my future and to set my own goals. The day was very helpful and I would highly recommend it. (Santino Latty)

Ms Morgan
Maths Department.