GCSE Physical Education


Examination Subject Physical Education
Examination Qualification GCSE
Examination Board OCR
Tiers of Entry Single

Course Content:                   

50% of the course is practical assessment where students will be required to show excellent performance in four sports.  Students will study sports practically during curriculum time.  Students can also use sports which they participate in during their own time and are not covered during lessons.  Students should be at a high level 5 or low level 6 practically to consider taking PE.  Students who are not up to this level are highly unlikely to achieve a high grade due to the practical nature of the subject.

10% of the course involves two pieces of written coursework. The first is called “Analysing Lifestyle” and the second is called “Analysing Performance”.  Coursework is undertaken under controlled conditions in school.

40% of the course is a written exam during the main examination period at the end of Year 11.

Students will have two theory and four practical lessons per fortnight during the course.  Please be aware that there is a strong emphasis on written theory during the course to complement the practical element and students will spend a third of their curriculum time in a classroom.

Assessment of Course

1)         Practical Coursework - 50%

Students are required to perform excellently under applied conditions in all of the sporting activities. Students will be assessed on their ability within an activity plus their use of tactics, strategies and capability to observe rules and regulations.

2)         Written Coursework – 10%

Students are required to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a performer in relation to their lifestyle and sporting performance. Students are expected to gather evidence and present their findings to improve the quality and effectiveness of the lifestyle and performance of the chosen performer.

3)         Examination Papers - 40%

The examination papers taken at the end of Year 11 consists of multiple choice questions and structured questions.

Coursework details:

The “Analysing Lifestyle” coursework will be set and completed by the end of Year 10. The “Analysing Performance” coursework piece will be set and completed by the end of Year 9.

Progression from this examination:

Careers Information:

Further Information: See Mr Collins

The current Year 9 will see substantial changes to GCSE PE with 60% of the course being theory and 40% being practical.  Practical will involve gaining a grade in one team sport, one individual and one from either.  There will be no coursework in the new GCSE.

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The class of 2015 achieved 85% A*-C grades in GCSE PE.  Well done and a great year!