Examination Subject Information and Communication Technology
Examination Qualification GCSE
Examination Board  
Tiers of Entry  

Course Content

The Edexcel GCSE in ICT comprises two units

Unit 1 – Living in the Digital World    

40% of the total GCSE                                         Externally Assessed                 

One 1.5 hour paper                                             Set and marked by Edexcel

80 marks                                

Detailed Unit Content

Topic 1 – Personal Digital Devices – developing range of PDD available to individuals, impact on way organisations work, impacts on society.  Developments in feature, functionality and potential use are rapid.  Understand the principles of these devices and how to apply in changing contexts

Topic 2 – Connectivity – ways in which PDD exchange data and communicate with each other and larger systems supporting on line organisations.  Awareness of increasing importance of ‘access everywhere’ developments.  Understand the selection of the most appropriate digital communication for a particular context, impact and quality of connection

Topic 3 Operating online – how individuals operate safely online and protect themselves from risk

Topic 4 – Online goods and services – range of online services and impact on individuals, organisations and society

Topic 5 – Online communities – Development of online communities has implications for individual’s learning, leisure and social interactions.  Collaborations are facilitated through the availability of online work spaces.  Growth of social networking has potential risks as well as benefits

Topic 6 – Issues – Issues raised by the use of ICT addressed in the design and use of digital systems.  Make sensible choices and develop safe, secure and responsible practice.  Aware of and access impact of emerging technologies.  Aware of impact on individuals and communities of limited or no access to digital technologies

Unit 2 – Using Digital Tools

60% of the total GCSE Task set by Edexcel

Internally Assessed / Controlled Conditions /Externally Moderated Practical Unit 80 Marks 40 hours  

Complete before the Easter Holiday 

Controlled Assessment Brief (CAB)

Students complete one CAB which consists of 4 activities based around the theme of ‘Community Spirit’

Quality of Written Communication (QWC)

Students assessed on and given marks for their ability to:

1.Demonstrate that spelling, punctuation and grammar are accurate and have a clear meaning

2. Select and use a form and style of writing appropriate to purpose and to complex subject matter

3. Organise information clearly and coherently, using specialist vocabulary when appropriate

Detailed Unit Content

Topic 1 – Research and Information gathering – differentiate between data and information, use secondary sources, Use primary sources, use databases

Topic 2 – Modelling – adapt and enhance spread sheet models, use models to explore ideas

Topic 3 – Digital publishing – design digital products which are fit for purpose and audience, prepare and organise different types of digital content, develop digital products which are fit for purpose and audience

Topic 4 – Evaluating Outcomes – review outcomes, work collaboratively, self-review

Topic 5 – Working efficiently and safely – manage files, manage themselves and their work, quality assure what they produce, know about and adhere to legislation and codes of practice

Assessment Criteria

Activity 1  - 

Activity 2   - 

Activity 3   - 

Activity 4  - 

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