The Charter Tasks

The Bonus Pastor Charter.

Each student at Bonus Pastor will need to achieve the following in order to attain the accreditation of this award:

To complete the Bonus Pastor Charter Award, you need to complete all these tasks in Years 7 - 10.

  1. Visit a Theatre, watch a play and write a review
  2. Deliver a speech of 3 minutes to a non-student audience
  3. Help out a school event in some capacity.
  4. Be on a school based Quiz Team.
  5. Write a letter to your local MP about a local issue.
  6. Read a book each term and write a review for each one.
  7. Achieve 90% punctuality
  8. Achieve 90% attendance
  9. Lead a group of students or visitors in prayer or worship. 
  10. To be nominated for Top Table.         
  11. Act as a Leader in some capacity other than Prefect or House Captain.  
  12. Record a 5 minute topical conversation with a staff member.
  13. Represent the school at Drama, Sport, Art, Speaking etc.
  14. Raise £100 for a charity in your own time and show proof.
  15. Attend a school educational visit for a day  
  16. Belong to a group for a whole year: School Council/Choir/Club
  17. Visit an Art Gallery and write a review on one piece of Art seen    
  18. Accrue 50 House Points         
  19. Carry out a recognised act of Citizenship     
  20. Visit a Museum, and write a review   
  21. Attend all RE retreats                    
  22. Get an Outstanding Work Experience report
  23. Carry out a responsibility of mentoring or buddying another student
  24. To make a positive and significant contribution to the College’s   Social Media sites.
  25. Participate in a STEM activity.
  26. Receive an outstanding letter home from the Principal  

Additionally, to gain the Bronze, Silver or Gold awards you will need to complete 5 tasks from the appropriate list:


  1. Visit another country and write a travel log about it.
  2. Present an assembly on your own to House or Year
  3. Participate as a volunteer at significant college event.
  4. Have a piece of your work displayed externally.  
  5. Achieve 94% attendance and punctuality
  6. Accrue 100 House points
  7. Write an article for Student Voice
  8. Participate in a ‘Spelling Bee’ Competition


  1. Run or lead a workshop to other students or staff
  2. Attend an After School Club for 2 consecutive years
  3. Put together a Pod cast about the school
  4. Establish a ‘new’ initiative, e.g A school Radio
  5. Participate in an External Charity event  
  6. Enter an annual essay/Short Story writing competition         
  7. Visit the Houses of Parliament in London  
  8. Visit a Museum, and write a review   
  9. Achieve 96.5% Attendance and Punctuality
  10. Accrue 200 House points.    


  1. Achieve the First Aid / CPR Award
  2. 100% attendance at school
  3. Attain the Young Sports Leader Award          
  4. Achieve 98% attendance and punctuality
  5. Accrue 300 House points
  6. Visit a Primary school to support learning
  7. Become a Prefect or House Captain. 
  8. Be the Principal for a day
  9. Perform Solo or group Musical public performance
  10. Film and Edit and edit a video for public viewing