Bonus Pastor Charter


The Bonus Pastor Charter is a unique opportunity for all our students here at the College. The BP Charter is a school-based scheme where students are able to accumulate certificates on pre-designated tasks throughout their time here.  These certificates are presented to them in special assemblies and duplicates are archived within the school.  During the final Prize Giving Ceremony in which ex-Year 11 students receive their exam certificates, they will also be awarded the Bonus Pastor Charter. All students will be expected to complete the basic Charter of 26 tasks but there will be those who will go on to complete the Bronze, Silver and Gold sections of the Charter as well.  The Charter is also a natural progression towards the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Charter will also be a key component of any career pathway - regardless of what 6th form, apprenticeship or University a student decides to pursue.  In an interview situation, they may find themselves going for a position with someone who has exactly the same qualifications; but the fact that they have achieved the BP Charter will provide them with plenty of evidence to show what they accomplished outside of the classroom.  Who knows? The BP Charter may actually land them their dream job! But it is entirely up to each individual student as to whether or not they complete the Charter.  Motivation, discipline and commitment are absolutely key to the BP Charter so the earlier they start, the more success it will bring!

Mr C Manning
Assistant Headteacher/Governor


BP Charter Oct 2015 JPEG