Bonus Pastor Charter


Bonus Pastor Charter

The Bonus Pastor Charter is a unique opportunity for all our students here at the College to complete between Years 7 and 10. The BP Charter is a school-based scheme which values and recognises all of the extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities that our pupils participate in, whether that is being part of a sports team or after school club, going on school day trips to art galleries, museums etc. or further afield on residential, learning to play a musical instrument or completing dramatic and musical performances.

Student’s participation is monitored and once pupils complete the required 20 activities they are awarded their Charter Badge, which is expected of all pupils during their time here. Some pupils may choose to go beyond that and complete 25, 30 or 35 activities, earning themselves the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards accordingly.

At the beginning of Year 11 pupils are awarded their BP Charter certificate, which highlights the areas that they have achieved and completed. They can then use this in their 6th form/college applications, and staff use it as part of the pupil reference, helping make them stand out from the crowd, and get the best place possible, helping them to compete with someone who may have similar academic qualifications.

Beyond that it can be useful in their University applications and who knows? The BP Charter may actually land them their dream job!

But it is entirely up to each individual student as to whether or not they complete the Charter.  

Motivation, discipline and commitment are absolutely key to the BP Charter so the earlier they start, the more success it will bring!

Mr N Lawrence

Head of Geography

Duke of Edinburgh Lead

Wider Enrichment Coordinator