Class Half Term Sports

Class Activities for Autumn Two

Below are following allocations for PE for this half term. Please see below for what your class are doing.  If you have any questions please ask a member of the PE Department.

Year 7 Girls  

Miss Fullilove = Netball (trainers)

Miss David = Netball (trainers)


Year 7 Boys

Mr Collins = Rugby (football boots)

Mr Christodoulou = Badminton (trainers)


Year 8 Girls

Miss Fullilove= Dance (trainers)

Miss David= Dance (trainers)


Year 8 Boys

Mr Collins = Rugby (football boots)

Mr Christodoulou = Handball (trainers)


Year 9 Girls

Miss Fulliove = Netball (trainers)

Miss David = Fitness (trainers)

Mrs Jones = Football (football boots)


Year 9 Boys

Mr Christodoulou = Football (football boots)

Mr Collins = Boxercise (trainers)

Mr Ronan = Rugby (football boots)


Year 10 Girls

Miss Fullilove = Netball (trainers)

Miss David = Fitness (trainers)

Mrs Jones = Football (football boots)


Year 10 Boys

Mr Christodoulou = Football (trainers)

Mr Collins = Boxercise (football boots)

Mr Ronan = Rugby (football boots)


Year 9 GCSE PE = Handball

Year 10 GCSE PE = Girls - Badminton, Boys - Football

Year 11 GCSE PE = Theory lessons


Year 11 Core PE Boys = Options

Year 11 Core PE Girls = Options