GCSE Exam Timetables

The 2017 GCSE Exam Timetable will be posted here.


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·         Check your Statements of Entry from individual Examination Boards

·         Highlight all your exams on this Timetable and fill in time and place of warm up sessions once you are                       told of them

·         Transfer information to your Planner, Calendar, Electronic Devices, etc.

·         Make sure your Exam Timetable is clearly on display at home

·         Make double sure you know whether your exam is in the morning or the afternoon

·         Allow plenty of time to get to College so you can prepare for your exams calmly

·         Unless attending warm up session, you must arrive by 8.20 for the morning exams and 1.00 for the                           afternoon  exams

·         If you are unwell or are delayed for any of your exam sessions, please telephone the College Office  

          020 8695 2100  as soon as possible









Mon 15th May

RE Religion & Life Issues


Warm up:





Tue 16th May

French Listening

French Reading


Warm up:


Biology Unit 1



Warm up:

Wed 17th May

ICT Unit 1


Warm up:



Thurs 18th May

Chemistry Unit 1


Warm up:



Fri 19th May

Spanish Listening

Spanish Reading



Warm up:


P.E. Introduction to PE


Warm up:


Portuguese Writing

Mon 22nd May

English Literature Paper 1


Warm up:


Geography Paper 1


Warm up

Tue 23rd May

D & T Textiles


Warm up:



Wed 24th May

Business Studies Business and People


Warm up:


Portuguese Listening


Physics Unit 1



Warm up:

Thurs 25th May

Maths Paper 1


Warm up:


P E Developing Knowledge in PE


Warm up:


Fri 26th May

English Literature Paper 2


Warm up:



Mon 5th June

History Unit 1


Warm up:


D & T Food


Warm up:

Tue 6th June

English Paper 1


Warm up:

Geography Paper 2


Warm up:


Wed 7th June

German Listening

German Reading




RE Religion & Human Experience


Warm up:

Thurs 8th June

Maths Paper 2


Warm up:



Fri 9th June

Biology Unit 2

Biology Unit 3


Warm up:


Business Studies Production, Finance & External Business Environment


Music Unit 1


Portuguese Reading


Warm up:


Mon 12th June

English Paper 2


Warm up





Tue 13th June

Maths Paper 3

(if applicable)


Warm up:



Wed 14th June

Chemistry Unit 2

Chemistry Unit 3


Warm up:


History Unit 2



Warm up:

Thurs 15th June

Further Maths


Warm up:


Polish Listening


Fri 16th June

Physics Unit 2

Physics Unit 3


Warm up:


Resistant Materials


Warm up


Italian Listening

Italian Reading