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Here at Bonus Pastor, we are very proud of the work that we do in partnership with the Primary Schools in Lewisham and Bromley.  Every week, we have various Primaries vising the school to work on a variety of projects including Art, Drama, Dance, DT, Cookery, Music, PE, etc. Added to which, we host several key Sports Festival each year with Glen Burt in Netball, Football and Hockey. Staff members from Bonus Pastor also visit a host of Primary schools throughout the year; not only to undertake special assemblies - such as Science-   but to spend time with Primary Staff so that we can actively support them and learn how we can build effectively on the KS2 Curriculum.

All this work also helps to make the transition of any new students joining year 7 that much easier. The Head of Year 7 plays a key role ensuring that new students at Bonus Pastor have a seamless and structured transition from Primary into Secondary School. The fact that many children already know the school well from their visits here, make it all the more easier for parents and students alike.

We put enormous value on our Partnership with Primaries and will continue to do so.


CMA 12/09/16


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