GCSE Resistant Materials

Designing the World Around Us

Design and Technology (D&T) is all around us whether it’s solving a problem or designing the latest gadget. In Design and Technology students are encouraged to think differently, be creative and innovative and to question whether a design or product really works.

Our aim is to make learning in D&T really creative, while challenging students to think about how design can change the world around them and make it a better place to live.

Our Approach

Through project work and working together, students develop practical and perceptual skills and the ability to plan and develop ideas.  These projects give students confidence through visible achievement as well as an understanding of visual communication, and are flexible to suit each student’s ability.

Each project focuses on different aspects of the design process which include:

Students also develop an understanding of the role of designers in a multi-cultural society, the significance of technology to the economy, and an awareness of historical and cultural traditions in the subject.

Key Stage 4

Students are offered the AQA GCSE course in D&T more information can be found at http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/design-and-technology/gcse/design-and-technology-8552

The Assessment Objectives:

Assessment objectives (AOs) are set by Ofqual and are the same across all GCSE Design and Technology specifications and all exam boards.

The exams and non-exam assessment will measure how students have achieved the following assessment objectives.


The D&T department has specially designed classroom resources and facilities for all students including: