Programme of Study for Years 7 - 11


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


Autumn 1

Novel; Coraline


“Stone Cold”


Author Study Orwell “Animal farm”

LIT: Jekyll and Hyde

LIT: Macbeth

Perf. man obs

Ass task

 Reading test baseline

Read understand R4

Read critically R6

Close reading: analyse tension in a chapter understand R4 critical R6

Analyse ideas and methods an extract

Exam paper

Exam paper


Autumn 2

Non Fiction

Describing Places

Non Fiction

Conflicting Views

  Pre 20th C. Literature

Author Study Dickens:

 “A Christmas Carol”


19th C Non fiction

Lang P2 NF  Writing p.o.v conflict

LIT Revise J and H

Learning walk

Ass. task

Writing To Describe: Plan draft edit proof (SPG) W7 W8 W9

Write N/F: Argue/persuade  Audience purpose, plan draft edit W7 W8 W9

Essay: theme of loneliness / Scrooge


Exam paper

Lang p2

Lit P1 J and H Macbeth


Spring 1

Poetry: Author Study- Chaucer

“Canturbury Tales”

Poetry: Author Study John Agard

“World Voices”

Lord Of Flies/ DNA

LIT Poetry ½ cluster: Power

Lit poetry 2nd half Conflict

Unseen poetry

Sef obs

Ass. Task

Compare 2 characters read and understand, context R5

Compare 2 poems: understand in context R5

Read critically poetic conventions R7

Write to critically evaluate

Poetry comparison exam Q

Unseen poetry Q


Spring 2

Pre 20th C: Dystopias


Pre 20th C: Genre across Time:



“Relationships then and Now”

Unseen Fiction extracts

Lang Oral Exam

Comparing 19th /20th C Non fiction (conflict theme) Lang p 2

Oral Exam paired standardisation

Ass. Task

Dystopian Story Creative Writing: Accurate, fluent, effective W2 W5 W6

Discursive essay on a 19thc Short story apply new vocab W1, R3

Comparative essay: 2 poems (1 pre. 20thC)


Lang  exam paper 1

Oral exam

Lang P2 exam paper


Sum 1

Novel:  Skellig

Novel: Author Study Steinbeck Of Mice And Men


LIT insp calls

Lang: N/F writing POV

Inspector Calls

Poetry (lit p2)

Unseen fiction (L p1)

Learning walk

Ass. Task


Formal essay on theme/ charac

W1 R7

Writing To Summarise: fluent accurate discursive W3

Analyse extract: lang and context

Lang Exam paper

Mock lang 1 and 2

Mock Lit 1 and 2


Sum 2

Shakespeare: Author Study

A Midsummer Nights Dream



Romeo and Juliet

Non Fiction

Writing To Describe

“Traces of War”

Lit insp calls


3rd obs 20 mins

Ass. Task

Perform and anaslyse a scene

R7 R8 S4

Close reading: Analyse Language in a scene R8 S4

Write to describe a place (field trip stimulus)


Lang Paper 1 complete examLang paper 2 Complete Lit paper 2 complete exam