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Lewisham Safety Conference with the "For Jimmy" Charity

Students from Year 7-10 attended a safety conference at Trinity School on Friday 28th June with student representatives from other Lewisham schools with the focus being on improving the safety of youngsters around the borough of Lewisham. The young representatives debated their top concerns, discussing issues ranging from mental health to safety on public transport and knife crime. Once they had decided on their top concerns, students had the opportunity to question members of the community who can make a difference such as the MET Police and the Mayor’s Violence Reduction Unit. Finally, the conference was rounded off with key action points being put in place by each organisation and representative.

Well done to Anthony James, Chloe Obando, Janelle Tedam, Thomas Ramdas Junior, Shanai Jones, Malachi Campbell-Brown and Sophia and Robert Adoo-Kissi Debrah for representing our school so positively.


Tristram Stuart Environmental Talk


Thank you to Mrs Baverstock for arranging the brilliant environmental talk from Tristam Stuart via speakers for schools. Tristam spoke to GCSE Geography students and members of Student Voice about the environment and the challenges that we face globally right now. It got Student Voce thinking about what we can do as a school to become more ecofriendly and has helped pave the way for our environment campaign. 

Tristram Stuart



International Women’s Day 8th March 2019

‘Better the balance, better the world’


On Friday 8th March, International Women’s Day, Student Voice attended a day of workshops and activities in Catford with other schools from across Lewisham. Students got involved in a variety of activities; they worked with a local musician in a Spoken Word workshop which focused on changing attitudes towards women in the media and in music, they participated in the staging of a parliamentary debate about equality and they attended talks about the women’s suffrage movement and intersectionality.

‘I really enjoyed International Women’s Day because the Spoken Word workshop let me express myself and encouraged me to think more positively and be confident.’ Amaka Yr8

‘The day was amazing because whenever someone says to me that my voice doesn’t matter I now think of the Spoken Word workshop which made me re-think; my voice does matter as a young woman.’ Breana Yr8

‘ I attended a workshop called “Who was baby Suffragette?” in which we learnt about a 16 year old Suffragette named Dora Thewlis who was arrested and treated badly by the police in her fight for women’s rights. She got her nickname ‘baby suffragette’ from the Judge who sentenced her. Throughout the day I felt able to express my feelings towards certain issues and felt confident that my views were going to be listened to, I went away from this event being satisfied and confident that I would be able to make a difference to the world someday. I’m going to be the voice and stand up for what I believe in.’ Sarah Yr10


Student Voice International Womens Day 2019






Lewisham Young Mayor Elections


Congratulations to Shemar Stewart in Year 10 for coming 4th in the Young Mayor of Lewisham Elections this year and securing the role of Deputy UK Member of Youth Parliament for Lewisham! Shemar worked hard on his campaign and had some great ideas. He has done the school very proud and achieved great success. We look forward to seeing how he gets on in his new role. Thank you to all the students who showed their support and voted in the elections this week.

The other results are: Young Mayor is Laurelle Henry, 14, from Sedgehill School, Deputy Young Mayor is Edafese Erhenede, 16, from Forest Hill School, Third place and Member of UK Youth Parliament for Lewisham is Abdul Rehman-Javed, 16, from Prendergast School.

Young Mayor


Mental Health and Wellbeing


Student Voice have been discussing mental health in young people for a while and wanted to learn more so Stephanie from Kooths came in to school and did a workshop with us. We learnt many things about mental health; how it affects youths and adults in many different ways. During the workshop we did a quiz from Time to Change and learnt some interesting facts and statistics that we would like to share with you:

Building on what we’ve learnt Student Voice then set about creating a short film to help raise awareness about mental health. The video is about a girl and boy who both have mental health issues and how they face them. This will be shown to students in upcoming house assemblies. Let us know what you think!

By Emily Shanthakumar and Sarah Olatunbosun


EU Project and Brexit

Recently we were invited to attend a discussion about the EU and get involved in a project with the youth team at Lewisham at the Civic Centre. We discussed how Brexit will affect us, the pros and cons on being in the EU and how to connect with students across Europe. It was a really interesting day and we will be having another meeting to discuss how we can get further involved.

eu project photo for pastorale


                                                                                                                                                                                By Mrs Patrick


Lewisham People's Day

People’s Day is one of the biggest festivals in South East London and this year's People's Day will take place on Saturday 8th July at Mountsfield Park in Catford. People's Day includes art and craft, music and fun activities with your community and family. At a recent meeting at Catford Civic Centre we were asked for our opions on making the event better. We made suggestions regarding increasing the safety on the day, having an outdoor screening and having an exciting finale to the day.

By Emily D’Apice

Notice: We now have a Student Voice Instagram account, so please follow up to keep up to date with what we’re doing and information relevant to you. Find us at @BPStudentVoice

group photo fun


President: Clarissa RagRag

VP: Claire Gainey

Secretary: Emily Shanthakumar

Marketing: Daniella Boatang





Children's Author Sam Hepburn Visits Bonus

Sam Hepburn Visit

Interview by Student Voice members Emily D’Apice and Emily Shanthakumar

Sam Hepburn- Interview

Would you help a young author with their story writing if they asked you?

"Like we have done today, I would do workshops with them to help with the structure of their writing. I would advise them to read because reading helps with your own writing as well. When young authors get their books published, the editors go through their book with them. I would also give them my email so they could send me their drafts and I could give positive feedback and improvement suggestions."

What are the stages of publishing?

The stages of publishing is when you stop with your manuscript, go back to the beginning and re-edit each page to improve it. Your work can always be better.

Do you think young authors have a chance of writing stories and publish them?

The editors and publishers only care about the manuscript, not how old they are. If young authors' stories are to a great standard and the editors like the work, they will publish it.

When you were in the BBC, did you think about writing again?

I’d started to write before joining the BBC but I had to stop because I have a husband and two children which needed care. When you start to write, you need full concentration and commitment to writing books. It’s difficult to just start to write a book in two hours, writing books takes a long amount of time. I’d missed writing books and I wanted to start again. I feel like my books are a great success and I couldn’t be happier.

Summary: We have had an amazing time with Sam Hepburn, her determination and ambition inspires us with our writing. She showed us her passion and commitment to her manuscripts and has inspired us to think that our work can be the best of our capability.  We have had a great time interviewing about her writing and advice for young people who are interested in becoming an author. 

- Emily D’Apice and Emily Shanthakumar


TfL Presentation 

tfl presentation

Recently, student voice members who took part in the campaign 'Just Think, Don't Judge' were invited to TFL's Headquarters in Southwark to present their video, that portrays negative stereotypes on buses between different age groups, and their ideas on how to further the campaign. We presented our campaign in front of high ranked employees from TFL, such as the head of the bus operations team, other members from TFL’s offices and the Lewisham police force.

The presentation went extremely well as we got positive feedback from everyone, also even being mentioned in the local TFL magazine and on their Twitter! After presenting the campaign we had an exclusive tour around the building which included seeing a worker controlling the bus times and how the police have access to thousands of cameras across London. It was a phenomenal experience.

Emma Adesenya, Student Voice


International Women's Week Event

International Women's Week event

A group of female students attended a ‘Representing Women's Voices' event at Catford Civic centre to celebrate International Women’s Week. The students heard talks from the Mayoress of Lewisham Kris Hibbert, Councillor Janet Darby and a lady from the Nicaraguan Fair Trade Organisation about how they obtained their roles in leadership and what they think are the key issues for women today. Students had a chance to talk to them and find out more as well as thinking about their own futures. It was a fun afternoon for students and a good chance to talk about the role of women today.



Speakers for Schools: Micheal Liebreich Visit

Student Voice IconWe were very fortunate to be approached by Speakers for Schools to host another event where we welcomed Michael Liebreich to our College.  He talked to a group of Year 9 and 10 students about his work and his path to success.  Students found his talk, in their words, fascinating, educational, interesting and thought provoking.  During the talk Anthony Scully and Christian Mulhall-Bittner, two students representing Student Voice, took notes and have written the following article.




On Thursday 8th of October 2015, Michael Liebreich came to Bonus Pastor to talk to about 60 students mostly from year 9.  He Student Voice Picgoes around the world to talk about clean energy finances meeting with top politicians and explaining how he managed to get through his road to success.

Before he came, everyone was very excited to meet this successful businessmen. He gives statistics about the world’s energy finances such as ‘10% of the world’s economy is energy’.  He talks about the way energy was created by power stations, and also about the major disasters this caused, for example; the oil spill in Mexico which caused wildfire and the oil spread throughout the sea killing wildlife. He explained how the pollution is effecting the air we breathe in, in major cities across the world.

He tries to avoid wasting time although he admits he has had many distractions throughout his life, but he said that these distractions lead him to the job he has now and they have all lead to a successful life.  As Michael Liebreich said ‘Distractions lead us to the road to success’.

Student Voice





Student Voice Interview with Marcus Alexander

Matteo Bongiovanni and Brian Kenemo, both very active members of Student Voice, were given the opportunity to interview the author Marcus Alexander when he visited our College recently.

Take a look at their review; they had a 10 minute slot for their interview and found out some amazing facts about the author.                                        

Mrs Baverstock, Librarian


Marcus AlexanderMarcus Alexander as a person is entertaining, adventurous and had many intriguing answers to our questions.  We have both read his books and felt a mix of the stories Alice in Wonderland and Narnia inspired Marcus to start writing.  We were very wrong, the real inspiration for his books were countries he had visited such as Thailand, one of his favourite countries to visit.

Marcus Alexander is a great example of a person who has not only achieved his goals in life, is also living it to the fullest. He not only promotes anti-bullying, understanding that everyone has a spiteful side, but promotes the use of
anger – only if you know how to use it properly. He was bullied in school and was jumped by a group in Thailand, consequently landing up in a stranger’s house with a headache for two weeks and with a jaw that he could not move for a month, but also had people doubting his ability to be an author.  He used anger to drive himself and reach his goals and he promotes overcoming personal fears as it comes with the development of you as a person.

Marcus is not a stereotypical author, he still needs to find inspiration, but he goes where no authors have dared to go and done things they would have never thought about; for example: gymnastics, parkour, pro-fighting, snowboarding and sandboarding. His most inspirational visits being walking across frozen waterfalls and visiting Mt. Everest in the Himalayas, as well as visiting India and Thailand. With his very wide knowledge of many types of martial arts, and extreme sports as a hobby, we too would doubt his competence to be an author before he created the Keepers of the Realm series, but he has proven otherwise.

With Bellania as well as all of the cheeky Tremen, inspired by his fun, funny and funky friends, and the keepers in his heart, he would like to move onto a new fantasy series so watch out!

Matteo Bongiovanni and Brian Kenemo, Student Voice



Youth Travel Ambassadors Project

Student Voice have been working with TfL as part of the Youth Travel Ambassadors and we were asked to create a film to show one issue with travelling on buses. We chose to highlight the negative stereotyping between young and old people on buses (as this is something we have all experienced) and to show that if people change the way they think then travelling can be a more positive experience for everyone – it’s called ‘Just Think, Don’t Judge’. We storyboarded the film, found a director to film and edit the film and rehearsed our parts. We arranged with Catford Bus Garage to film there and one of the bus drivers even had a part in the film! The filming went really well and we hope to show it at a Film night and discuss the impact of our behaviour and attitude while on buses.


The ‘Don’t Judge, Just Think’ film that student voice created as part of their campaign to combat negative stereotyping on buses is now on YouTube, see it here: