GCSE Religious Education


Religous Education

Qualification: GCSE

Exam Board: Edexcel Specification A

Tiers of Entry: Single

GCSE RE is compolsary for all of our students


GCSE Religious Education enables students to focus in-depth on the Catholic faith, by exploring at beliefs, teachings, practices, sources of authority and forms of expression within Catholicism.

Students will also broaden their understanding of other religions by studying the beliefs and practices of another major world faith, Judaism.

In addition, student will develop their analytical skills by investigating philosophical and ethical issues.

This specification will not only help students understand theological concepts and religious doctrines, but it will also promote and equip students with valuable skills for their future development, such as analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to work with abstract ideas, leadership and research skills.


Course Content and Assessment: 

Paper 1: Catholic Christianity

  • Topics: Beliefs and Teachings, Practices, Sources of Wisdom and Authority, Forms of Expression and Ways of Life 
  • 1 hour 45 minutes, 50% of overall grade


Paper 2: Judaism

  • Topics: Beliefs and Teachings and Practices
  •  50 minutes, 25% of overall grade


Paper 2: Philosophy and Ethics 

  • Topics: Arguments for the Existence of God and Relationships in the 21st Century
  •  50 minutes, 25% of overall grade

More information about the specification, specimen and past papers can be found here: 




Homework at Key Stage 4 is set weekly or fortnightly depending of the task. Student will be set a range of activities including research, preparation for presentations, exam questions and skills as well as revision tasks.



Useful revision guides and workbooks

  • Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies A (9-1): Catholic Christianity with Islam and Judaism Revision Guide, A. Lewis & W Ahmedi
  • GCSE Religious Studies for Edexcel A (9-1): Catholic Christianity Foundation Workbook: Catholic Christianity, A. Lewis
  • My Revision Notes Edexcel Religious Studies for GCSE (9-1): Catholic Christianity (Specification A), V. Watton

Useful revision website


Religious Education or Philosophy and Ethics are a popular choice of A-Level subject at Sixth Form and can lead to University degrees in the same subjects. 


  • Education
  • Social work
  • Policing
  • Religious leadership
  • Chaplaincy
  • Counselling
  • Youth Work
  • Journalism
  • Charity policy and fundraising  
  • Politics
  • Civil Service

For more information onf careers relating to Religious Education see the following links: 



For more details please email our Head of Department Mrs Inniss -  InnissH@bp.lewisham.sch.uk