College Rules

College Rules

  1. Behaviour in Public: All students are expected to uphold the good name and reputation of the College.  Any action which damages the reputation of the College at any time or place is regarded as a serious breech of discipline.  The good name of the College greatly depends on good behaviour on buses, at bus stops, on the street, between sites, at the playing fields and when on educational visits.
  2. Uniform and Appearance: The full College uniform must be worn to and from the College and during the College day.  The uniform for PE and Games is also essential.  Cleanliness and tidiness are expected at all times.  In general students will present themselves so as not to show adherence to any extremes of fashion or hairstyle.  Items of clothing or jewellery worn in breach of the College uniform may be confiscated.  Parents may arrange to collect items as soon as possible; otherwise students may claim them at the end of term.
  3. Attitude to Authority: Students are expected to treat all staff with the same respect and good manners that they show towards their parents.  In the classroom the teacher's word is final.  If any misunderstanding needs to be cleared up, the teacher may be approached respectfully after the lesson. or the matter may be addressed through the Tutor or House system, or with a senior member of staff.  This is known as RULE 3
  4. In Lessons: Students are expected to arrive to lessons on time, fully equipped with the requirements for that lesson.  An atmosphere of respect for all and mutual support is expected.
  5. Around the College: Health and Safety is vitally important.  Each student must behave in a manner that does not affect their own health and safety and that of others.  There will be no physical contact.
  6. Chewing gum is not allowed
  7. Deliberate damage caused by irresponsible behaviour to College property will be charged to the Student/Family.
  8. Lunch: Every student is expect to have a healthy lunch during the lunch break.  If a packed lunch is brought into College it must be eaten in the Dining Hall.  Cans and glass bottles are not allowed.  Nobody may go home for lunch except where parents have written requesting this with an assurance that a responsible adult is at home.  Food must only be consumed in designated areas.
  9. Movement inside Buildings: When moving inside buildings keep the left and never run.  Students must follow instructions with regard to the direction of movement.
  10. Movement between Buildings: At lunch-time movement should take place immediately at the beginning or when the movement bell is sounded 5 minutes before the end lunchtime.  At break-time movement should take place after the movement bell 5 minutes before the end of break.
  11. Road Safety: Road safety rules must be observed.  Particular care needs to be taken when students are moving in numbers at the beginning or at the end of the day.  Never crowd pavements and always allow the public to pass unhindered.
  12. Bikes: Students may cycle to College, provided they have passed the Cycling Proficiency test and wear a helmet.
  13. Electronic Equipment: No unauthorised electronic equipment, especially mobile phones, iPods and iPads are allowed in the College.
  14. Roller Blades are not allowed.

Lesson Code

The following classroom code has been designed to help students achieve their best in each and every lesson

Punctuality and Attendance



The proper place for you on a College day is at College.  The only acceptable reasons for not being in College are;l

If you are going to be away from the College for even a day then you parents must contact the College at the beginning of each day of absence.  You should always have a note from your parents when you return to College after being off sick, even if they have telephoned the College.

The College expects a high level of attendance from every student and will reward students who have excellent attendance records.

The benefits of regular attendance are self evident.  Any absence should be explained by letter on the first day back.  Do not use the Student Planner for this purpose as such letters are filed.

Students are not allowed to leave the College site without permission.

Students are never sent home during the College day without first contacting the parents.